MobileSheets is one of the first android based sheet music reader applications available on the market. Unlike some music readers that force you to purchase your sheet music solely from their store, MobileSheets lets you provide the images or pdfs that make up your library. Transfer your existing sheet music to your tablet, and have your scores at your disposal wherever you go. MobileSheets also enhances the experience by providing features that all musicians can appreciate - annotations, a built-in metronome, music playback, the ability to jump between pages with a single tap, wireless pedal support, and bookmarking. The best part is being able to quickly find the songs you want in seconds. Many great features will be coming soon as well, including chord lookup, text file/chordpro support, and half page turns in portrait mode. Setting up your sheet music library may take some initial work, but with a free companion application for your PC, typing in the data is a breeze. Look at some of the features in more detail below.

Easy to use library screen

If you have a large sheet music library, it's important to be able to find what you want quickly. This is why MobileSheets lets you view your library by album, artist, genre, title or setlist, and selectively filter on source type, instrument, or difficulty. Additionally, your library can be easily navigated by using the quick jump-to-letter feature, or by using the voice-based searching.

Song Metadata

MobileSheets allows you to create songs using image files or pdfs. These files can be on the tablet (including images taken with the tablet camera), or imported from your PC using the companion app. Each song in your library has a title, artist, album, instrument, difficulty, source type, and audio file, allowing you to enter as little or as much detail as you want to organize your library. You can also select sections of pdf files to create songs from, allowing you to break up one pdf file into multiple songs in your library.


MobileSheets has full support for setlists so that you can play songs in succession and quickly jump between a list of loaded songs, eliminating the need to go back to the library screen. It also gives you more control over categorizing your music - you can group together songs under a setlist, but only load individual songs from the setlist if desired.


MobileSheets gives you the ability to mark up all of your songs, including support for freeform drawing, basic shapes, textboxes, and stamps. You can easily toggle annotations on and off if needed, and even create groups of annotations that you can flip through. This gives you the ability to switch the lyrics shown for each verse with a single tap.


Place named bookmarks on any page of a song to quickly jump back to that page later with one click. Great way to split up a large pdf to access individual pieces, or tag locations of difficult passages.

Link Points

Place link points between pages to allow you to jump from one page of the song to another with a single tap. The color-coded points also flash so you know where to look when the page turns. The frustration of having to furiously turn pages at each repeat is a thing of the past.

Wireless Bluetooth Pedal Support

You can turn pages using any standard bluetooth pedal. Products such as the Airturn BT-105 and Cicada Pageflip have two pedals, so you can either turn pages back and forth, or scroll in landscape mode with one pedal while turning with the other. Never again will you have to reach up to turn a page!


MobileSheets includes a built-in metronome that has nine different selectable sound-packs. In addition, you can have it accent the first beat, play sub-beats, and set the tempo by tapping the beat with your finger. It supports visual + audio, visual only, and audio only. You never need to carry a metronome with you again!

Media Playback

Need to play along with a recording, or hear that difficult passage a few times? Look no further than the built-in media playback. You can tie any audio file on your tablet to a song in your MobileSheets library, and when the song is loaded, the music file will be available for playback. The media player overlay is hidden when you don't need it, so it won't block your view of the sheet music.

Free MobileSheets Companion App for your PC

Creating and editing songs on the tablet's virtual keyboard can be a little slow at times, so a free companion application is available for your PC to help speed up the process. The MobileSheets Companion connects to your tablet through your wireless network, and allows you to manage your entire MobileSheets Library. If you have scanned sheet music or audio files that you need to transfer to the tablet, the companion app makes this a breeze. Download it, and give it a try!

Global and Per-Page Zoom

Tablet screen space is very limited, and the white space in sheet music margins wastes valuable space. MobileSheets helps you combat the smaller screens by letting you zoom in on your sheet music, elminating unnecessary white space. You can set up the zoom values when you originally create songs (essentially non-destructively cropping them), or use the global zoom slider which applies the zoom when you view each page. Until 12" or 13" tablets come out, it's the closest you can get to full size sheet music on an android tablet.

Landscape Mode

You might find that sometimes the sheet music looks smaller than you would like in portrait mode, and zooming doesn't enlarge it quite enough. This is where the landscape support comes in - the sheet music is split in half and enlarged for easier viewing. You can then scroll the music up and down, or turn half a page at a time, depending on your desired settings. Portrait or Landscape - Pick whichever mode works best for you!

Page Slider with Instant Preview

If you have a fairly large piece of music with many pages, it can difficult to quickly look through if you have to turn one page at a time. MobileSheets comes equipped with a page slider that pops up a preview window so you can see what page you are jumping to before you release the slider. Even though it's quite handy, if you don't need it, you can always turn it off in the settings.

Camera Support

Don't have a scanner, or need to import something into MobileSheets on the go? MobileSheets allows you to use the tablet camera to snap a picture of anything! Even if you just need to save hand-written lyrics, or annotations hand-written on a page, MobileSheets can help.

Voice-based Searching

This feature allows you to search for any song in your library by just saying the name. A list of all possible matches is presented for quick selection. Just a nice bonus to let you find your desired song in a flash!

All Purpose Pdf Reader

While MobileSheets was designed with musicians in mind, it is also a convenient tool for storing and organizing any pdf files on your tablet. In addition to having very high quality pdf rendering, you can save bookmarks, create links between pages, and break up pdfs into smaller sections to be easily categorized. Use the app as you see fit!

The following features are going to be included with MobileSheetsPro, which is going to be released very soon: