MobileSheets was released in 2011 as the first android-based sheet music reader available on the market. Over the years, MobileSheets has been continually improved with feedback from an amazing community of users and is now faster, more powerful and easier to use than ever. Continue reading to learn about some of the great features that are available in MobileSheets.

Fast and Scalable

No matter how large your library is, MobileSheets helps you efficiently organize all of your scores so you can find the exact one you want in seconds. Take advantage of powerful sorting and filtering tools including a jump-to letter list, voice-based searching and tabs for each field.

Highly Configurable Data

MobileSheets supports up to 20 fields so that you can capture the data that is most important to you and organize your library the way you like. You can hide the tabs and fields you don't use for a cleaner and simpler interface.

Setlists and Collections

Group songs together into setlists so that they can be played in order. Choose to order them manually, alphabetically or shuffled. Use the built-in sharing features to easily send them to others. Use collections to group your songs for fast filtering. Create collections for multiple bands and switch the songs displayed in your library by changing the selected collection.


Mark up all of your songs, including support for freeform drawing, basic shapes, textboxes, and stamps. You can toggle annotations on and off if needed and even create layers of annotations that you can flip through.

Hands-Free Page Turning

Turn pages using a bluetooth pedal or configure automatic page scrolling so you never have to touch the screen while performing. Use up to four pedals to control everything from simple page turns to turning on the metronome or starting audio playback.

Built-in Metronome

Take advantage of the built-in metronome that comes with nine sound effect options, multiple display modes and support for setting the tempo by tapping the beat. Never worry about having to carry a metronome again.

Custom Audio Player

Add backing tracks to your songs or keep reference tracks so you'll know exactly how something should be played. Set A-B loop points to repeat sections for performance or practice.


Automatic cropping ensures that you see as much of the score as possible on the screen by removing unnecessary white space. Fine tune the cropping with an easy-to-use editor. Cropping has never been easier!

MIDI Support

Send MIDI commands to configure your keyboard when a song is loaded or load songs when MIDI commands are received. Supports KORG number, patch select, control change, program change and system exclusive commands. You can also configure various actions to be triggered when MIDI commands are received.


Send songs or setlists to other MobileSheets users. All of the song metadata, bookmarks, annotations and link points will be transferred along with the files. You can also generate lists of songs from setlists to place in emails or documents.

Custom Page Order

Configure your score with pages in any order you like, and repeat them as needed. With this feature, you can handle repeats by just list the pages in the order they are played (i.e. 1-3, 1-2, 4, 5)

Configurable Display

Configure both the library and score viewer to be displayed just the way you like them. Switch to the dark theme, increase the font sizes or change the way song titles are formatted - it's all up to you. Also make use of the powerful tools in the score viewer such as sharpening badly scanned images, inverting colors for low light situations and scaling pages so that they use more of the display.

Two Page Display Mode

Turn your tablet to landscape orientation and make use of the two page display. With 20"+ tablet screens, you can view two full pages at once.

Half-Page Turns

The half-page display mode lets you see the top half of the next page so that you can pick the most convenient time to turn the page. There is also a half-page mode in landscape that doubles the page size so that the score is easier to read.

Vertical Scrolling Display Mode

The vertical scrolling display mode works together perfectly with the automatic scrolling and pedal features. Set up the score to slowly scroll and you will never need to worry about page turns

Text and Chord Pro Files

MobileSheets has support for both text and chord pro files and provides configuration options so that the files are displayed just the way you like. You can also transpose chords or apply a capo to match the key you need


Save important pages in songs so that you can quickly access them later. Tapping on a bookmark instantly takes you its page. Bookmarks are also shown on the bookmarks tab making them useful for breaking up large scores.

PC Companion App

Manage your library from the comfort of your PC with a free companion application. Creating songs has never been easier - just drag and drop files and enter in the data. You can also backup your library to your PC for peace of mind.

And much more...

If you didn't see the feature here you wanted, there's a good chance it's either in development or just didn't happen to make it in the list above. Feel free to post on the forums or send a feature request from the support page if you have a great idea for an improvement.