MobileSheets for Android has both a paid version and a free version. Follow the links below to view the Google Play store page.

The best way to purchase MobileSheetsPro is through the Google Play Store app on the device itself. MobileSheetsPro is also available

on the Amazon App Store and the Galaxy Apps Store.


Android app on Google Play


Android app on Google Play

Windows 10 version of MobileSheets is also available from the Microsoft Store. Follow the link below to visit the store page.

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If you are unable to purchase from one of the app stores or would prefer to purchase from Zubersoft directly, you can do so through the Zubersoft

store. For businesses or large groups, volume discounts are available through the Zubersoft store. For most users, it is strongly recommended to

use one of the app stores (Google Play or the Microsoft Store) as users can install that version on every device they own (see note below).

NOTE: The Zubersoft Store version of MobileSheets requires one license per device. A license cannot be shared on multiple devices. If

uninstalling or reinstalling the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets, you must first deactivate the license in MobileSheets under

Settings->About->View License->Uninstall or the next authentication attempt will fail. If you need to move an Android license to another device,

you must first deactivate the license under Settings->About->Deauthenticate License. If reinstalling MobileSheets on an Android device, you do not

need to deauthenticate the license first.

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