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MobileSheets for Android has both a paid version and a trial version. Follow the links below to view the Google Play store pages. The best way to purchase MobileSheets is through the Google Play Store app on the device itself. MobileSheets is also available on the Amazon App Store, but it is recommended to go through Google Play when possible. The trial version is functionally equivalent to the paid version except for a few limitations: it cannot use the library sync features, cannot use the connect tablets feature for an extended period of time, has limits on the number of bookmarks and link points allowed, and only allows for eight songs total in the library. To transfer your library from the trial version to the paid version, you will need to either export the songs to a .msf file or create a library backup file and restore that backup in the paid version. The Android version of MobileSheets requires OS version 4.0.3 or higher.

Paid version

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Trial version

Get it on Google Play

Zubersoft FastSpring Store

If you are unable to purchase from one of the main app stores, your device does not support Google Play or you would prefer to purchase from Zubersoft directly, you can do so through the Zubersoft store. For businesses or large groups, volume discounts are available through the Zubersoft store. For most users, it is strongly recommended to use Google Play as users can install that version on all of their Android devices with a single purchase (see note below). A single purchase can only be installed on multiple devices for personal use - each musician must purchase their own copy of MobileSheets.

NOTE: The Zubersoft Store version of MobileSheets requires one license per device. A license cannot be shared on multiple devices. If you need to move an Android license to another device, you must first deactivate the license under Settings->About->Deauthenticate License. If uninstalling and reinstalling MobileSheets on the same Android device, you do not need to deauthenticate the license first. This does not apply to purchases made through the Google Play Store.

Download on the Zubersoft FastSpring Store