Zubersoft FastSpring Store

An Android-based E-Ink version of MobileSheets is available through the FastSpring store. The e-ink version is optimized for BOOX tablets such as the Onyx BOOX Tab X or Lumi 2, but should work on any Android-based e-ink device. These optimizations include modifying hundreds of icons to show up better on an e-ink screen, the removal of annotations where possible to prevent ghosting effects, integration with the BOOX libraries to allow for fast writing with a stylus and a black-on-white theme to make things easier to see on an e-ink screen. A trial e-ink version is available so that users can test MobileSheets out on their device before purchasing. The e-ink version of MobileSheets requires Android 5.0 or higher.

NOTE: The Zubersoft Store version of MobileSheets requires one license per device. A license cannot be shared on multiple devices. If you need to move an Android license to another device, you must first deactivate the license under Settings->About->Deauthenticate License. If uninstalling and reinstalling MobileSheets on the same Android device, you do not need to deauthenticate the license first.

Download on the Zubersoft FastSpring Store