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How much is MobileSheets and where can I get it?
There is both a paid version of MobileSheets as well as a free version. The paid version is $12.99 and can be found here. The free version has a limited size library, but is fully functional. It can be found here. A Windows version is also available here.
Will MobileSheets work on my device? What are the minimum requirements?
If you have a device running Android 4.0.3 or greater, MobileSheets will work on it. The Windows version will run on any Windows 10 or 11 device (PC, laptop, or tablet).
MobileSheets does not show up on the Android market for my tablet, or it says that my tablet is incompatible when it meets the minimum required specifications. How can I get it?
If Google Play states that your device is incompatible, try the following:

1: Reboot your tablet
2: Go to your tablet Settings->Applications->Google Play and tap Clear Data. Do the same for Google Play Services.
3: Load Google Play and install MobileSheetsPro
4: If the installation still does not work, reboot your tablet and try again.

If for any reason those steps do not work, you can try installing MobileSheetsPro off Amazon Underground.
I am unable to install MobileSheets off the Microsoft Store or get error 0x803F8001 when trying to run the application. How do I fix this?
You must log in to Windows with the Microsoft account you used to purchase MobileSheets. This will fix the error.
Can I transfer files from my PC into MobileSheets?
You sure can! The easiest way is to use the MobileSheets Companion, which can be found on the companion web page. You can also just transfer files from your pc to tablet, and then import those files into a new song in MobileSheets. The companion requires a wifi connection.
What file types are supported?
PDF, various image file types (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp), text files (.txt) and chord pro files are supported. Microsoft word file (.docx) support may be added in the future, but is not currently available.
Where can I get sheet music/guitar tablature/etc?
The best source for free classical music is the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) If you are looking for popular modern music, check out,,,,, or CD Sheet Music from is a great source of scanned classical music conveniently available on CDs. Guitar tablature can be found at sites like If you have a collection already though, the easiest way is to either scan your own sheet music, or use the built-in tablet camera to take pictures. All you need to do is take a screen shot of the tab, crop it in a photo editor (optional), and you are good to go. You can also often find free arrangements from people for modern music.
Can I display two pages side-by-side? How about half-page turns in portrait? Is vertical scrolling supported?
All of those features are available in MobileSheetsPro for Android or MobileSheets for Windows 10. Just tap the display mode icon at the bottom of the song overlay after loading a song.
How do I transfer my library from the original Android MobileSheets to MobileSheetsPro?
Transferring your library is fairly simple process. Follow the instructions listed here.
How do I transfer my songs from the free version to the paid version?
First, backup your library using the library backup feature. This can be found in the settings by going to MobileSheetsPro Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library. Then, use the "Restore Library from Backup" option in the paid version, and select the .msb file you saved out.
Will I lose my library if I uninstall MobileSheets?
Uninstalling MobileSheets will remove all private image and audio files. In order to save your library, use the backup feature to save everything out to a .msb file that can loaded at a later date. This is accessible through the Settings screen.
I just updated my tablet to Android 6.0 and now songs fail to load. How do I fix it?
Android 6.0 changes the paths used for removable SD cards which causes the file paths saved by MobileSheetsPro to no longer work. To fix the file paths, go to Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths and check the "Automatic" option.
How do I update MobileSheetsPro to the latest version?
Load the app store you purchased MobileSheetsPro from, log in with the same account you purchased the app with originally, search for MobileSheetsPro and tap the update button on the store page.
How do I take screenshots with my tablet?
Every tablet is different, so the process may vary. The usual method is to hold the power and volume up button. Check the Settings, and refer to your specific tablet's documentation.
How well does MobileSheets handle big files? How about big setlists? How about a huge library?
MobileSheets handles large files very well. Testing was done with 400+ page PDF documents, and the loading time was quick with optimized PDFs. The number of PDFs loaded at once in a setlist, and the number of pages buffered at once is limited so that setlists load quickly regardless of how many songs are in them. MobileSheets uses a database to store all of its data, so even with extremely large libraries, you will not notice any slowdown.
Can I write on the sheet music, draw, or add music symbols?
MobileSheets supports writing text, drawing, highlighting, and adding music symbols on top of your sheet music.
How do you deal with repeats (D.S./D.C.)?
MobileSheets can handle repeats multiple ways: you can either use link points to link pages together (tap a circle on the page to jump to another page), or by using a custom page order (i.e. 1-3,1-2,4,5) so that pages are displayed in exactly the same order you will play them. This is also convenient because you will always be turning pages forward, which works well with hands-free solutions like a pedal or automatic scrolling.
Is there an iPad version planned?
An iPad version of MobileSheets is currently under development. A release date has not yet been announced.
Is there a Windows 10 or 11 version?
Yes, the Windows version can be obtained here .
If I purchased the Android version, do I get the Windows 10 version also (or vice versa)?
No, each version requires a separate purchase.
I can't seem to run the Windows 10 version without WiFi. What should I do?
In order to fix this problem, you will need to update Windows 10 to the Fall Creator's Update. To do this, go to this page, click "Get the Update" and use the Windows 10 update assistant to update to the latest version.
Is hands-free playback supported?
Hands-free playback is supported through the use of a USB or bluetooth pedal, or the automatic scrolling feature.
What types of pedals and bluetooth/USB devices are supported?
The AirTurns pedals are tested and known to work well with MobileSheets, as well as the Cicada PageFlip. Any bluetooth or USB device whose commands are recognized by MobileSheets will work.
How do I share my songs with others?
MobileSheets supports sharing songs and setlists through a new file format. It's as simple as selecting the songs or setlists to share, then selecting the application to use to share them.
How do I backup my library?
Consult the section of the manual ( on backing up your library. It can be easily accessed through the settings screen.
Is Chromecast supported?
Chromecast supports screen mirroring for devices running 4.4.2 or higher. This will allow you to display MobileSheetsPro on a TV or other connected screen. Please consult the directions here for setting up the screen cast.
I can't connect the tablet to the companion app. What should I do?
If you are unable to connect your tablet to the companion, you may have a firewall issue. First, ensure that MobileSheetsCompanion is not blocked by Windows Firewall. If you have an anti-virus program running, either disable the firewall or make sure ports 8888, 16568 and 16569 are not blocked. Also try rebooting your router. If you continue to have problems, check the forum or contact me through email.
Can you add a feature I want to MobileSheets?