Library Management

Easily import and organize your files to find any score with just a few taps. Move beyond paper, binders and folders of files to a streamlined interface.

Scales to Any Size

At the core of MobileSheets is a SQLite database that allows for libraries to grow to any size without a loss in performance1. You'll never have to leave any scores behind.

Fast and Responsive

Data is intelligently cached to ensure that there are no delays when viewing, editing and searching the library. Find and load any score in seconds.

Easy to Configure

Over 20 fields such as artists, albums, composers and genres are supported, along with a custom field that can be renamed. Use only the fields you need to organize your library in the exact way you want.

Supports Multiple Libraries

Create separate libraries per band or event to keep your data organized but easily accessible. Switching libraries requires just a few taps.


Build a list of scores and page through them seamlessly. Setlists can be quickly created, merged or deleted. Use the setlist editor to easily add, remove or rearrange scores as needed.



Utilize configurable search fields, groups, ratings and more to quickly narrow the list of scores to only the ones you need. Use the alphabet list to move between letter sections, or long press a letter to start spelling a title to jump straight to it.



Bookmark pages in scores for quicker access. The bookmarks window shows both bookmarks created in MobileSheets as well as PDF bookmarks. Enable the bookmarks tab to view all bookmarks in the library at once.

1 - App startup time will slowly increase as the library grows