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Full Version: Yamaha MD-BT01, Android 13, Genos
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A long time user of MSP I have successfully used a Samsung Pro 12" android tablet with Android 5 and USB OTG cable to select songs from tablet to Yamaha Genos and vice versa.

Recently I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ with Android 13 and am trying to use a Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth adapter instead of USB cable. Pairing the adapter to the tablet was OK but then it wanted an app and was not seen by MSP. However, using the app called "Midi Connector - RTP, USB, BLE" from Google Play Store I now have reliable song selection from Genos to the S8+ tablet. What I can't achieve is the reverse direction as it appears I can't open the send port.

Reading through the forum there appears to be mixed results with Android. Has anyone been able to use the Yamaha MD-BT01 successfully and if so what app are they using to enable bi-directional operation?

BTW, thanks to Mike for having developed and continues to support MSP. On a regular basis I enjoy its functionality and ease of use, just hoping I can get the wireless part working to save keep plugging in a USB cable to the new tablet.
Hello Steven

yes  I do

since 9 November2018  the day I get this fantasctic MSP  to allow  music sheets drive my pedal board

with either

MIDI + BTLE app     or 
Bluetooth MIDI Connect app

 to patch  BTLE on Samsung Galaxy tab under Android 10

its  works prefectly to change programs on my guitar  Fender Mustang Pedal Board with Strich bluetooh pedal driving  MSP

others guitarists I knew use  the same config for the same action with  POD HD 500 and MOER 300 guitar pedal boards
No experience with keyboard   but why this would'nt go

Hello JFA

Thanks for sharing your experience and pleased to hear using the Yamaha bluetooth adapter has worked for you, albeit not with the Genos keyboard. I'll checkout the two apps you mention and see if they work for me.

Further to my last posting I'm still unable to select registrations within my Yamaha Genos using the MD-BT01 midi adapter from MSP and Samsung Tab S8+ with Android 13.  There is no problem when selecting the registration on the keyboard as it brings up the correct PDF in MSP. I have tried:
1. Bluetooth MIDI Connect
2. Midi Connector - RTP, USB, BLE3 

I would appreciate any comments from other Genos owners who are successfully using MD-BT01 to select keyboard registrations with an Android tablet, particularly version 13 and what configuration/driver app they maybe using in addition to MSP.


Before pursuing the bluetooth connection further, can you please verify that if you connect over USB with that tablet that everything works properly? I just want to make sure the issue is only related to the bluetooth connection, and there aren't any other configuration issues that could be at play here.


Using the same USB MIDI settings in MSP on the Galaxy Tab S8+ as for my old Samsung tablet (which works fine in this mode) I cannot communicate with the Genos. Unfortunately, the S8+ has the newer USB-C socket and the OTG cable I have for the old tablet had a micro-USB socket. I suspect the USB-USB-C adaptor I'm using may only be for charging and not data. I've ordered a new keyboard (USB B) host to USB-C cable from Amazon which is coming later today so I'll report again tomorrow after I've tried that.


Amazon delivered the new cable quicker than expected! I can confirm bi-directional operation between USB-B (Genos Host) and USB-C (Samsung Tab S8+) is fine with no apparent lag. Attached is the image showing the MSP MIDI connections.

It would be appreciated if you can offer any suggestion or software amendment to enable bluetooth bi-directional using the Yamaha MD-BT01


[Image: Samsung-Tab-S8-MIDI-USB.jpg]
I have some changes coming to fix bluetooth connectivity when using the "Default" MIDI library over Bluetooth. If the Google library is not working for you, would like to test out these changes to see if the default library works better for you with my latest fixes? If so, I'll email a build for you to test (this assumes you are using the Google Play version of MobileSheets, let me know if that is not the case).

I am using the Google Play version of MSP and am able to try your build from Friday 7th July onwards and report back. I've just updated the email address in my MS profile so please use that.