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Full Version: Library Sync and Database Version
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I just got a new laptop/tablet that I intend to use mostly for music. I downloaded MobileSheets and now need to sync the library with my old machine. I tried doing a library sync and I get the error message that the database version is wrong (the new machine expects database version 59 but received 58). Anyone know how to fix that? Do I need to update the version on my old machine?
EDIT: I managed to move everything to the new machine using a library backup/restore and a .msb file. But I still would like to be able to sync the libraries.
it seems that you are running different versions of mobilesheets on the systems.
So you have to update mobilesheets on your old machine.
As kabakakao has stated, you have different versions installed on your devices, so you need to update them both to the latest version in order to avoid a conflict. The latest version is 3.8.6 - what versions do you have installed on each device?