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Full Version: Two questions on "How to"
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Hello, two questions:

1-When music is on two-page view, is there a way to shorten the distance between the two pages so it looks more like traditional two-paged sheet music?

2-Is there a way to create a table of contents for a large score that has multiple movements, where I can just click on the movement that goes straight to the pre-set page?

1- I guess you should take a look at the cropping function. Bring up the song overlay, tap the second icon ofthe left and then crop. There you can remove all unnecessary white areas. Then the pages should be closer together.

2- You can create a kind of table of contents with pdf bookmarks.
Bring up the song overlay tap the sixth icon from the right. And then tap the plus.
Alternatively you can work with link points and jump directly to the page, (fifth icon from the right).
See also full manual page 76 and 78
As far as #1, are you unhappy with the small black gap between pages?