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Full Version: Changing default properties for stamps
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I use stamps all the time for guitar fingerings, symbols and other things.  I have the most used as favorites in my floating command bar with the required fixed size and other properties.
When I go the stamps library to insert a different one, the size of all stamps is always 6 which is usually too small so I change it to the size I want and insert it.  
These settings seem to be kept across songs and even sessions but they go back to the default of 6 when I reboot the tablet.
Is there a way to change these defaults or at least have MSP remember my last choice of size?
Any ideas?
MobileSheets should be saving the last used stamp size to the preference file and reusing that the next time you access the stamp tool. I justed tested this by changing the stamp tool size to 40, placed a stamp, closed MobileSheets entirely, restarted it, entered the annotation editor, checked the stamp tool settings, and it's set to 40. If this is not working for you, it most likely means something is wrong with the file containing the annotation settings. If you created your favorites with a stamp tool size of 6, you need to delete those favorites, change the stamp tool size to what you want, then add the favorite again.

(08-22-2023, 04:33 AM)palosanto Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas?

Thanks Mike. The favorites are all ok with my preferred size (sometimes 8 sometimes 10 depends on the stamp) and yes the setting of a new picked stamp is saved during the session and after re-starting MSP, but, as I mentioned in my OP all stamps reverted to 6 when I rebooted the TABLET.

I checked my other devices and this seemed to happen only in my e-ink lumi tablet, my phone (Android) and my Windows tablet kept the value even after rebooting.
So I exported the settings from my windows tablet (.mcf) and import them in my Lumi and it works now.
Like you said, something was corrupted in the preferences file.
I'm glad that fixed the issue. I may have to implement some way for users to delete corrupted configuration files in the future to resolve these issues (even if they are pretty rare).