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Full Version: Playing audio files
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Hello all, 
I have my song library with associate audio files for every song. 
Now I want to play the audio files manually, and it works perfectly, but if for some reason I go to display another song, the audio file being played stops immediately.
Is there a way to Get The audio file be playing continuosly until I stop it manually (or when the audio file ends)? 
Maybe there is some setting that I haven't found. Could someone help?
Thanks in advance.
You can keep the audio playing while exiting the current song and browsing the library until you choose another song.
Go to Settings>Other settings>Miscellaneous and unselect  "Stop audio on Back"
There is no way to have the audio keep playing for a previous song while viewing a new song unless they are part of the same setlist and you've changed the "Track List" setting in the audio player to "All tracks in setlist", and unchecked the option to "Switch track when song changes".