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Full Version: File location at sync
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Hi Mike, 
I have been not using the sync function for a long time. It is really much faster than the previous versions. Especially for people with a large database this is really good.
However, new pdf files are stored on the client device in the same (intern) location as on the server device. Is this the way it should be? 
My files on the client device are on the sd card.
Server device: Tab s7 Android 12
Client dwvice: Huawei Media Pad Android 7
I'm not sure I entirely understand what you mean. MobileSheets is going to create subdirectories on the device and place the PDFs in those directories based on the settings you've selected under Settings->Storage. The storage location is used as the location to store the files. Are the files not being placed in the storage location for you?

Here are my settings:

Both devices: Let MSP manage my files: off

Storage location: strage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files

Location of my files:

Storage location: storage/0000-0000/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files

Location of my files:

When synchronizing from server to client, new files are storaged in the in the following folder on the client: 

As far as I know, the Folder "Noten" did not exist there before on the client in the folder "documents "
I use my own (always the same) folder structure on all devices for my pdf.
If you turn "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files" off, it's not going to know where to place the files, so it will attempt to place the files in the same exact location on both devices. Your files on the server are under /Storage/emulated/0/documents/Noten, so it places them in the same folder on the Client. That's just one of the consequences of turning the file management off. If I handled it the other way and placed files under the storage location, that would then cause issues for users that want the same folder structure on both devices. You can use the folder mapping feature to get around this. Tap "Folder Settings", and then map /Storage/emulated/0/documents/Noten to Storage/0000-0000/Noten. That will let MobileSheets know where to place the files.

I have already tried to insert a few paths. However, I am not quite clear which information from which device must be set there.
On which device which paths have to be set?
On the server the path to the local files of the server? Or the path to the client's location?
But I can only set local paths. And they point to the local paths to my files.
You want to create the mapping on the client device. It will send those mappings to the server so that the server understands what paths to use for the client in its database. So on the client device, map /Storage/emulated/0/documents/Noten to Storage/0000-0000/Noten
Hi Mike,
Unfortunately it does not work for me. For me also the naming in the folder mapping area is not quite clear.
At "Name" I thought that I have to insert the name of the folder where my files are. But I have to specify the path there? I have attached screenshots.
Under Name I have now entered the path from the server and under Path the path to my files on the client.
Still new files end up in the Documents folder as on the server device.
Okay, I needed to review how this functionality is designed - sorry for the confusing instructions. The way it works is that you need to create an entry both on the server device, and on the client device. The name is the unique identifier, and the path is the path on the device. So you would do something like:


Name: Noten
Path:  /storage/emulated/0/documents/Noten


Name: Noten

Path:  /storage/0000-0000/Noten

While the sync is underway, the server will consult the mapping so that if it encounters the path "/storage/emulated/0/documents/Noten", it will find the name "Noten" assigned to that, so then it looks up "Noten" in the map from the client to see how it wants that path mapped to its storage. It will find "/storage/0000-000/Noten", so it will use that value for the files it needs to send to the client. 

The reason it's set up this way is so that you can browse for the folder you want to use on each device using the file browser versus trying to type in the full path manually. Let me know if you run into problems using the feature now that I've explained it properly.

Thanks Mike now i understand. :-)

I have everything set up but the files still end up in the documents folder.
Maybe this does not work with a sd card.
I will run some tests using the same settings you've described and I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks Mike
So I had some time to finally look into this. If you use an SD card with "Let MobileSheets Manage My Files" unchecked, MobileSheets is not going to have write permissions for the SD card folders. That's just how the Android OS works now with the restrictive SD card access. However, you can get around this by going to Settings->Storage->Set the MobileSheets Storage Location, and setting it to the root folder you plan to use, or even the root folder of the SD card (/storage/0000-0000 on some devices). Once you do this, now MobileSheets will be able to write to the SD card folder and everything I described above should work. I verified this on my own devices, and it did not work properly until I set the storage location to the root folder of the SD card. Sorry it took so long to get you this information.

Hi Mike, thanks for following up. I tried to set the root folder of the sd card and msp instantly starts to move  files, i am not sure which files to which location, so i aborted for now. I will have a look when there is time and stay for now just moving the database from one device to the other.
Maybe i have to set up a fresh new Installation and try it again at some point.
MobileSheets should not be moving files if you unchecked "Let MobileSheets Manage my Files". If that is checked, then yes, it will move your files if you change the storage location.

I made a short Video when i tried to set the root of the sd.

Even when i pick the folder where the files are in, MSP starts to move files.
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