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Full Version: extremely low download speed
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I already have a paid e-ink version of mobilesheets running on an Onyx tablet

For the past few months, the download speed of any update has been painfully slow (it takes me about 20min to download the apk). Is there any rationale for this small torture? Or any alternative download path?


Same for me. I thought it is something on my side
I'm not really sure why the server download speeds would be so slow for you. It seems to be very fast for me, but the server is located in Seattle which is relatively close to me. I will try restarting the server to see if helps at all. I'm not sure what to use as an alternative download path... I'll have to think on this.

I'm downloading from Brazil
The way a lot of companies handle this is to utilize servers located throughout the world. I don't really have the means to set something like that up. I could make the installer available separately through something like Google Drive, but then users would still have to manually download this installer. If that would be your preference, we can test that out to see if it works better for you.

I don't think it's just a matter of where the server is located. Granted, distance should make downloads slower, but not that much slower. I just downloaded the APK for 3.8.36 from Iceland and it took me two HOURS and twenty minutes (during which I could not use MobileSheets or my tablet altogether). I'm happy to try other download methods and report on the experience. Is there any way to download the APK from your server but outside MobileSheets to see if that makes any difference?
I'm using a CDN now. I don't know which link you tried to use, but it should have gone much, much faster than it used to. I don't want the link posted publicly, but you can email me at to confirm which link you used. If you updated the app through the app itself, it depends which update you were using previously. With all updates going forward, it should download much faster now, because it's using the CDN.

I just update from 3.8.36 to 3.8.43 in the app itself from Barbados, and I can confirm that it went reasonably fast, as in a few minutes for the whole update process. Will report next time I update from Iceland. Thank you very much!
I'm glad to hear that - you are very welcome.