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Full Version: display number of songs in a setlist
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I noticed that if I sort setlists by date (which is how I like to keep them) the number of songs in a setlist disappears even if it is enabled in settings. It would be really helpful to see how many songs there are in a setlist. Any chance of including it?
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I can confirm that it doesn't work in 3.8.14 Android and 3.8.14 eInk.
It works as intended in 3.8.14 Win10
Suggest you name your setlists alphabetically in the following format  "venue 2023-07-21"  (meaning playing at "venue" on 21st July 2023)

This means that all your setlists are sorted in date order (oldest at the top) per venue, gig, or whatever.

To avoid having to search to the bottom of a "venue" for the next performance, add one or more spaces to the start of the set list name e.g. in two days time "  venue 2023-09-12"
This puts the imminent gig in the # category showing at the top of the setlists i.e. easy to find without searching.

After the performance, rename the setlist without the leading spaces (long press to select, 3 vertical dots, rename). It will then show at the bottom of that "venue"

Sounds like an unintended bug. I'll look into it - thanks.