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Full Version: CSVFile for 'The New Illustrated Treasury of Disney Songs'
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This is a CSV file for "The New Illustrated Treasury of Disney Songs".
My scan includes the cover, table of contents, historical info, songs, most of the artwork and the index at the end.
To use this CSV file as it is, the first song (Minnie's Yoo Hoo) should start on page 22 in the pdf. 
My pdf includes all of the single page pictures but skips the two-page picture between Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmations.
So, the csv file is expecting 'Cruella De Vil' to be on pages 86-88 of the pdf.

If your scan is different, you will need to add/remove pages from your PDF to match the CSV file or adjust the page ranges in the CSV file to match your PDF.
Great job, lots of details. Thanks for sharing.