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Full Version: [3.2.0] & [3.8.14] Add Audio File - Title
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If I add audio files using drag & drop into the tab "Audio" with the compain the song titels alwas are "-". Huh
If I add audio files in MS as local file, the file name is used as title.

I did not find a way to define the song title after adding by the compain.
MobileSheets is pulling the title information from the metadata in the audio file. If it can't find or access the metadata, that may explain why you are seeing that. Without access to the audio file you are using, it will be hard for me to say what is occurring. The song title is not populated from the audio track though, so I'm not sure why you are expecting that. As far as the track title, that's based on the metadata - if I drag & drop an mp3, the track title shows up exactly as I would expect. The artist is placed at the start followed by "-" and then the track title.

Thank you.
I looked into the metadata of the mp3 and they were empty.

It just confused me that with the two different ways to attach the same audio file (add via compain / add as local file) the results are different.
I will make sure in the future that the metadata is filled in before importing.