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Full Version: Store Database on SD Card
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I want to store the database on the SD card so that I can easily move it from one tablet to another (it also would make it easy to make an emergency copy of the entire SD card for safe-keeping) but I can't get this feature to work (or maybe I just don't understand how it's supposed to work).

I have MobileSheets installed on 2 tablets. On both I have selected the option to store the database on the SD card. I make changes to a setlist on one tablet, power the tablet down, remove the SD card, install the SD card in the other tablet, power it up, and run MobileSheets but the changes are not there.

If I export the database from the first tablet to the SD card after making changes and then import into the second tablet all is ok but this is the only way I've been able to move changes from one to the other.

Am I doing something wrong?
It may be a path problem on one of the tablets, some confusingly designate their internal storage as an SD card, while the removable SD card is the external SD card, so it may be writing to the internal rather than external memory.

MobileSheets is not currently designed to support loading the database off removable storage. There would be some additional technical issues to solve, such as what to do if the user hasn't left the SD card in (use an internal backup and disable the setting, etc). If you specify that you want the database on the SD card, this means the publicly accessible location on the internal SD card, namely /sdcard/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheets/files/. Your approach of exporting and importing the database works, but realize that this will not account for missing PDF/image files. The only way to have a backup that includes those files as well is to use the backup library/restore library functionality in MobileSheets.

Possible. Both tablets use the same path to the SD card: /mnt/extsd/mobilesheets but I did notice that on the newer tablet the folder mobilesheets began with upper case M instead of lowercase and since Android is case sensitive this could be a problem. I don't recall creating that folder when I installed MobileSheets so maybe the installation changed between the first and second installs? Maybe the solution would be to reinstall the older one to see if it uses the uppercase M like the newer one. The option to store the database on SD card does not show the actual path being used so it's not possible for me to know if this is the problem.

Any idea what I should see? What is the name of the file created on the SD card? Is there any way to know if the database is actually being stored on the SD card?
The path you listed is the path to the external SD card. There is another internal SD card in each tablet - that is the only one being used by MobileSheets to store the database file. Changing the option in the settings just moves the database file to a location that you have access to from file browsers and the like (versus application private files that can't be accessed by other apps unless your device is rooted). The typical location for the database (f you select the SD card option) is what I listed before: /sdcard/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheets/files/mobilesheets.db. The default application private path for the database is /sdcard/data/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheets/mobilesheets.db.

Sorry to disappoint, but at the moment, you can't store the database on the removable SD card. I will try to add support for this going forward, once I figure out how to appropriately deal with all of the potential issues.

I see. Sorry, I was drafting my previous response when you submitted your answer. Good to know that I just misunderstood the function. I look forward to that feature and if there's anything I can do to help please let me know. Actually, you are correct, I transfer from one to the other using backup/restore, not export/import. This works for me and I will continue to do that for now.