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Full Version: Installation procedure (W10)
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Since my C-drive is relatively small I install most of the apps on an other drive. So, also the Companion app was installed on drive P (P for programs).
I noticed that the latest version is installed on C:\user\.... without the possibility to change it.
Have I overlooked this possibility or is it removed from the Companion installation procedure?
I would appreciate it when this feature can be restored.

Thanks for considering.
Hello René,

I had to switch to a different installer framework, and due to the many different layers of dependencies that have to be installed, it was not easy to allow the user to pick the installation directory with the new framework. The companion app is installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Zubersoft\MobileSheetsCompanion and takes up 19.5 MB. Files can be temporarily created under the user folder, but these are deleted when the companion app is closed. No other data is stored on the Windows device when using the companion app, so I really don't think this is a major issue. Are you thinking that a large amount of your library data is stored on the PC? That is not how it works - the companion app just gets the library information from the connected device, and will temporarily transfer files when needed, but otherwise nothing is stored on the PC.

OK Mike, thanks for the clarification!
It's indeed for the Companion app no issue, I was just wondering.