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Full Version: Metronome Glitch
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I can reliably crash the metronome on my surface. 

If MobileSheets is open when I plug headphones into my surface, starting the metronome causes the metronome to click once and flash the border randomly. Sometimes MobileSheets crashes at this point. I have to restart MobileSheets in order to get there metronome to work. 

This only occurs on my surface pro 7. I have the metronome set to click (wooden metronome) and flash the border (glow).
Another user had reported this back in August, and the update I released then fixed it for him. If you go to Settings->About, can you please verify that you are running version 3.8.14? I just want to confirm this before proceeding further.

I tested plugging/unplugging my headphones into my Surface Pro 8, starting the metronome, stopping the metronome (using the glow display mode) and I can't reproduce any crashes.

I am running 3.8.14. I upgraded to Windows 11 a month or so ago, though I'm pretty sure the metronome glitched before the upgrade as well.
Without a way to reproduce this, it's going to be very hard to make any changes, as I can't get my Surface Pro 8 to crash at all while using the metronome and plugging/unplugging headphones. Do you have any other software applications on your device that may be trying to access audio through WASAPI or anything of that sort? I'm just curious if there may be some kind of conflict between applications. 

There are a couple of other things to test as well:

1) Bring up the metronome
2) Tap the settings icon at the top left
3) Enable "Prevent delay when starting metronome"

Now try to reproduce the issue. Let me know if this changes anything.

Sorry for the delay. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.
I do have 'prevent delay when starting metronome' selected. 

If my surface has been asleep, I turn it on, and plug in my headphones. If Mobilesheets is in the background when I plug my headphones in, the metronome will glitch when I activate Mobilesheets and start practicing.

Here's a screen recording of what it looks like. (it didn't record the audio though but it's usually a single click).
This one has audio (it's only one click) and shows a whole app crash.
After messing with this a bit more. If I wait until MobileSheets is up and running before plugging in or unplugging my headphones, then there isn't an issue.

If I am in a hurry and plug in or unplug my headphones while my surface is still asleep (and MobileSheets is still running when I start my tablet), the metronome will usually glitch and I will need to restart MobileSheets (if I try using the metronome with the headphones or speakers). 

So by either waiting until MobileSheets is up and running before plugging in my headphones or by restarting MobileSheets when I turn on my surface, I can mitigate the metronome glitches. 

It's looking mostly like a windows or surface or user issue. This definitely isn't a deal breaker for me. Thanks Mike for working on this.
Sorry I haven't been able to gather much information on this yet Sam. I'm planning on doing some face gesture testing today on my Surface Pro, so I'll try to look at this at the same time. I'm glad you at least have a workaround.