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Full Version: MIDI Channel 0
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In my Roland FA06 (FA07/FA08) I have two buttons that correspond to the midi signal CC 80 and 81 (value from 0 to 127) but arrives in midi channel 0.

I can make studio-set changes via CC and PC, but the 80/81 input is not received probably because it is sent to channel 0.

Isn't this channel available?
Channels can be represented with one-indexing (1-16) or zero-indexing (0-15). You should never see something that supports 0-16, because that would be impossible to support with the MIDI specification. When you select channel 1 in MobileSheets, it's actually using channel 0. This is the same for any device. It's the same with MSB/LSB/etc. You can either represent it as 0-127 or 1-128, but you should never see something that allows you to pick 0-128, because that can't be represented properly with how the data is transmitted/processed (I'm trying not to go into too much detail about how data is represented in terms of the bytes).