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Full Version: Cropping Song Sheets
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Is there a way to reverse the default "Crop" setting to display songs when the "Crop" option was initially selected during the import of the songs to the Library, ie. to display all song sheets in non-cropped (original) view and if like to, then select the Crop option when a particular song is display by changing the view to "Crop" view.
The crop frame is stored per song in the database. You can change it at any time, the PDF is not changed at all.
Does that answer your question?
You can't just toggle cropping on/off. You can clear the cropping, then reapply it when you need it, but there isn't a simple toggle to do that.

Does that mean the only way to display all song sheets in a non-crop mode as default is to re-import all the song sheets again with the crop switch disabled.  But if I do this, will I be able to view the sheet in a crop mode if I like to.
No, you can load all of your existing songs into a setlist (Setlists tab->New->tap the icon with two arrows), load that setlist, enter the cropping editor (second icon, bottom left of overlay->Crop), tap the three dots at the top right, then Settings, change it to apply cropping to all pages in the setlist, then tap "Clear" and it will clear the cropping for every song in your entire library. You'd have to go back in and recrop individual songs if you want them cropped later though.

Can I re-enable cropping for all the songs using a similar process after I remove all the cropvia the setlist Settings.
Yes - but only to auto-crop
i.e. if you had tweaked any auto-cropped songs (I do) then these would change to standard auto-crop.

Suggest you experiment - create a setlist with 3 songs, say, and try it out to see what it does. (only 3 because that is easy to rectify if you need to restore)

Thanks, will try and see.