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Full Version: Convert "chords over lyrics" to MobileSheets ChordPro format
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I've been using MobileSheets for a few months on Windows and iPad. I'm a guitar player and computer programmer, and I wanted the ability to easily convert Ultimate Guitar-style "chords over lyrics" transcriptions into MobileSheets-compatible ChordPro transcriptions. Since I couldn't find a conversion utility that met my needs, I wrote my own:

The Menees Chord Sheet Converter is a free, online, open-source WebAssembly application, so it requires a modern web browser on a desktop or tablet. I primarily use it from Windows in the FireFox and Edge browsers, but I've used it some from my iPad in Safari.

I'd appreciate any feedback you have on it. I hope it's straightforward to use. Paste or edit your input on the left, and it converts to the output on the right. You pick the output format: pure ChordPro, MobileSheets-compatible ChordPro, or chords over text. It can also convert from ChordPro into chords over text or from pure ChordPro into MobileSheets-compatible ChordPro (e.g., if you're copying songs from another app).

For the programmers on the forum, the conversion work is handled by the free, open-source Menees.Chords library for .NET. If MobileSheets is a .NET app, I'd love to see a Convert button built into MobileSheets (e.g., on the Edit File or Edit Song screens) that used the library. Maybe I need to post that in the "Feature Requests and Ideas" forum instead.
It looks like you put a lot of work into that - thanks so much for sharing it. It's certainly something I can look into integrating into the text file editor. I could also have it as a conversion option when displaying the dropdown in the files list in the song editor. The Windows version is based on C# UWP, so it's very likely I could use the nuget package, but if not, it wouldn't take too much to update it for C# UWP. The bigger problem is that if I'm going to add functionality like this, I want it to be available in all three versions (Android, Windows, iPadOS). They are all written in different languages - Java, C# UWP and Swift. I can integrate C libraries fairly easily on all three platforms, but anything else is going to require having to rewrite the library for each platform. The companion app is C# WPF, so I can also add it to that fairly easily.

I spent some time tonight trying to figure out how to multi-target UWP from my SDK-style .csproj, and it didn't go well. This old issue was the most helpful, but I couldn't easily get Menees.Chords to compile while targeting uap10.0. You can use the library from the WPF companion app if that's targeting .NET Framework 4.8, .NET Standard 2.0, or .NET 6. I have no way to make a standard C library from it. It's pure managed C#.
Thanks for spending time on that. My goal is to switch the Windows version of MobileSheets over to Avalonia next year, which is similar to WPF, so that may make it easier to integrate with your library. If I want the same functionality on Android/iPadOS, I'll just have to implement it myself when time allows.

Hi Menees. That's a great utility which I have already bookmarked.

For Android users there is a workaround for converting UG type chord sheets to Chordpro. You can download an app called GuitarTapp Pro which provides a searchable database of tabs. It basically scrapes chord sheets from other websites, notably UG - I know this because occasionally it has found my own tabs which I have submitted to UG. But it has a neat feature which allows you to convert to chordpro format and save it to you device. It's a bit clunky because it actually gives it a .TXT extension which then should be renamed to .chordpro and then opened in Mobile Sheets.

Of course most chord sheets submitted to UG need some heavy editing to get them right and I think your utility would make that a lot easier.
SongPress is a ChordPro editor that also can convert chords over lyrics to ChordPro.
Many ChordPro features are missing but it's really useful for WYSYWYG editing of ChordPro files
Good finds!
I was using this Web Site for years, works very good as well: