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Full Version: BT Pedal - dbl click
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Hi there,
I am using an AirTurn tab with a Roland BT-1 trigger pad on my drums which works fine so far. Is there a way to add a double tab action (e. g. 1 tap in 0.5 sec = next page, 2 taps = prev. page)?
It's certainly possible, but there are downsides to it. If I have to listen for a double press, it means that I can't fire a single press until I know that a double press has not occurred. For touch actions, this delay is around 500 milliseconds (1/2 a second), so I would use a similar approach for pedals. So if a double-press action was supported and a user assigned an action to it, every single press action would be slightly delayed, making it feel less responsive. Would you still want this functionality knowing that? This has been the only thing holding me back from adding support for it.

Hi Mike, 
this would not be an issue for my purpose. 
I would want the ability to disable it... my capacity to read ahead is directly proportional to how complicated the last bar on a page might be.  This also impacts how readily I can tap the pedal.  
That said, I'm still learning these skills and pedal taps sometimes happen on a panic  Big Grin
I would assume that there is only a need to wait if a double-tap action is defined.
Would long press be an option?
That is correct that the requirement to wait 500 ms would only be necessary if a double-tap action is defined. This does require reworking the code to "queue" the action to be fired and only fire it after the 500 ms is elapsed, so I'll have to make sure that this has no impact on the existing functionality. 

Long press is not an option because pedals do not have a "key up" type notification. They only send the key down and that's it, so there is no way for me to know how long they are held down or when they are released.

Also here: your support is very much appreciated Mike!