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Full Version: Save settings, transfer settings to another device
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I searched the user manual and the forum, but didn't find a matching theme.


I have an Android tablet, an Android Phone, a Windows tablet and a Windows PC, all with MobileSheets Pro running. On my Windows tablet I have configuered some nice settings (at least for my purposes). I thougt I can save these settings along with the sheets library. On the Windows tablet I marked all options and made a complete backup, transferred it to the PC and restored it; unfortunately the settings weren't affected, they stayed as they were.

So my question ist simple:

Is there a way to transfer settings from one device to another?

Bernd Hollermann.
Hello Bernd,

Which settings in particular are you referring to? A library backup absolutely should have transferred all of your application settings. Alternatively, go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Export Settings and then import that on the under device under Settings->Backup and Restore->Import Settings.