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Full Version: %MIDI_COMMANDS%
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%MIDI_COMMANDS% is available for the export of a song list.
Could this be added to the song title format?
It would tell users which songs are programmed on their keyboard

A similar request on the forum has come up before. The problem is that, in order to keep things fast and to lower memory usage, only certain fields are read out of the database at startup. When a song is loaded, the rest of the fields are retrieved from the database and stored in memory. Once this data is retrieved, it is cached in memory as long as MobileSheets is running. MIDI commands are are only retrieved from the database when a song is first loaded (other than the "Load on Receive" commands which are handled a little differently). The way the code is currently structured, it would be problematic to read out only one portion of the data (i.e. MIDI commands) and not the rest, because otherwise the information would be duplicated when it is read out when the song is loaded. So in order to support %MIDI_COMMANDS% with the song title formatting, I would either have to read out the MIDI commands on demand just for the song titles (meaning it could have significant performance impacts on devices with large libraries), or I'd have to read out the MIDI commands at startup, increasing the memory the consumption and slowing down the initialization a small amount. If enough users request this, I would lean towards the second option - I would just read out that information at startup, but it should be noted that with libraries that make use of many system exclusive commands (the Genos linking feature uses this, for example), this could have a noticable impact on memory consumption. Although it will likely result in the code becoming cluttered, I could also modify MobileSheets to only read out the MIDI commands at startup if %MIDI_COMMANDS% is specified in the song title formatting string. This would reduce the impact on existing users, but still make it possible to be used for those who want it. The question is, how many users will realistically make use of this? I need to hear feedback from more people before doing the work needed for this.

Thanks for the explanation. I would like the feature. Currently I need to use the arranger to see which songs are programmed. Not a huge issue.