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Full Version: "Pro" files, notes not being transposed
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Hi again,

A while back, I put a modification request for pro files:
that one "single" lower case letter in brackets such as "[eb] [b] [c#]"
represent notes, not chords, but are transposed as the chords are.
Here is the thread:
At the time, Mike did say it was not likely for that moment, but at a later date.
It has been quite a while now and I still get caught by this on my charts 
since I still add notes on occasion when creating them.

This feature is reflected on the chordpro website
"If enabled in the config, ChordPro will understand lowercase root-only chords to mean note names.
 Note names will be treated (shown, transposed) exactly as chords, but will not account for diagrams."

So just a gentle reminder I guess, would it be possible to add this in the fairly "near" future?

That's a feature that I also miss a lot, as well as support of "chord grids" in ChordPro.
I have a long list of things I'm trying to tackle for version 3.9.0 including chord grid support and some of these chord pro enhancements.

Thanks, Mike.

If we can get the feature eventually, all is good.  Smile