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Full Version: Mobilesheets control of system audio?
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I am a professional orchestra musician playing double bass with the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra. 
I have recently started using mobilesheets at work, as the only one in the orchestra on a pad. Orchestras are quite a conservative bunch... ?

Anyway, to day during a concert of Brahms first piano concerto I noticed a notification tab from one of my apps during the intriduction.

I panicked in my mind as the piece has rather lengthy soloist sections, and needless to say, any plings from the only guy with a pad would be rather awkward. 

Apart from the obvious turn off all notifications, wifi, audio volumes etc, would it at all be possible for mobile sheets to control audio volume on a system level? 

Maybe we could have an option within the settings to automatically disable any notifications, audio etc while any sheet music is on the screen? 

Sorry if this already exists, this would really give a peace of mind, as I was mentally freaking out about the thought of some alarm suddenly sounding. 
I couldn't really get up, go into any menu and check audio levels, do not disturb, etc during the performance. 

Thanks for any tips on what you guys do to combat the lurking uncertainty of unwelcome sounds mid-concert... ?

You can just turn down the system volume with the volume buttons on the device itself. MobileSheets can adjust the system volume up or down, but this is going to apply to all applications - it can't mute external applications while generating sound itself, for example. As far as notifications, you have to disable notifications in the OS settings for each app. That's not something MobileSheets can control, as it's something the operating system manages. Some devices may also have a "Do not disturb" type mode which should disable notification popups. I would recommend going through each app in the OS settings and just turning all their notifications off.

Thanks for your reply! 
I was just thinking of having a settings option taking care of muting all and every possible audiosignal, including wakeup alarms, rogue cooking bells etc.
As a human being I will inevitably keep occasionally forgetting to disable sounds and notifications, but if I could tell mobilesheets to put my mind at ease inside it fluffy bubble of total silence, I would never have any nagging doubts anymore....

A tiny popup from recipes of the week during bartoks concerto for orchestra I can totally live with..... ?
Google does not support such a thing unfortunately (as far as am I'm aware).

Try googling "turn off all notifications android do not disturb"

On my tablet, I went to Settings | Notifications and selected "all apps" - this moved all the individual app sliders off. You probably don't want to do this (I was hoping it would just be a master suppress rather than changing the settings).

The "Do not Disturb", on my tablet, is in the Sounds settings - this "Mutes all calls and alerts, except for your custom exceptions". I'm guessing tht if you enable this it will prevents dings etc but I've no idea if it also suppresses popups (which could cause you a problem if they cover notes that you are about to play).

Suggest you enable "Do Not Disturb" and then send it something a whatapps message or an email to see if it displays a notification