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Full Version: Generate Song List - Setlist Order Number
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It would be very useful when generating a song list from a set list if one of the options could be the order it appears in that setlist when manually sorted, i.e.;

1. Prince - Purple Rain
That's an interesting idea. I can look into supporting that with the generate song list format. I might prefer something like %SETLIST_POSITION% or %SETLIST_INDEX%, as there is already a %PAGE_ORDER% option.

That would be ideal! Thank you!

I currently use the app for many things - one of which being creating setlists and sharing with the rest of the band by the generate song list function. I currently manually number, but that feature would be a great time saver!
I email the setlist titles to my group.
I just highlight the list and say it is a numbered list - job done (no manual numbering of individual entries)