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Full Version: MobielSheets, DMX and Freestyler X2, is it a match?
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Thanks for a very great product and good support. 

I have MobileSheets installed on my Windows. On the same computer I have Freestyler X2 for which i will controll lights through DMX. 

I would like to send Midisignals to Freestyler who will then controll the DMX lights. But I can´t understand how. 

How do i do that?

Well to start, go to Settings->MIDI Settings->Configure MIDI Connections and establish a connection to the Freestyler. Then you need to determine what kinds of messages you need to send (consult the documentation for the Freestyler). You can then configure your songs in the song editor to send messages on the MIDI tab, or you can create a new smart button, and configure it to send MIDI messages when triggered. If you run into issues or need additional guidance, please provide as much information as you can and I'll do my best to help.