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Full Version: Transfer a setlist from ForScore to MobileSheets
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I have two tablets, one running ForScore on an iPad and the other running MobileSheets on a Kindle Fire HD. I have all the same PDF files (scores) on both tablets. I create my setlist using ForScore on the iPad. And I'd like to copy/transfer that setlist over to MobileSheets, through a file sharing system like DropBox. Is there a way to accomplish this? 

I don't need a way to transfer the scores, metadata, or anything. I just want to not have to manually re-create the setlist on MobileSheets.

Thanks for any insight on this.
No, they’re completely different systems. Just use MobileSheets on your iPad.
This is something I'm looking into. I'm hoping to be able to support importing some of the proprietary forScore file formats, at least to some extent. I think forScore allows setlists to be exported as a .4SS, so hopefully I can convert that into the information that MobileSheets needs. Alternatively, I could build a tool to take just list of song titles and convert that into a .mss file which you could then import.