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Full Version: Folder/Path Edit
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Hi guys,

I moved some registrations around on my Genos, as I needed to organize everything, and I wonder if I can somehow EDIT Registration Folder/Path?
I am in MIDI edit setting, but I don't have this option here. Perhaps somewhere else? 

Thanks in advanme.
You would have to edit the system exclusive message itself - those hex numbers are the path itself. You can map each hex number (each byte is two letters, so 00 = 0, FF = 255) to an ascii character to figure out what the path is. Here is the ascii table: Look at the hex column when comparing.The system exclusive message starts with a few bytes you have to ignore, and ends with 00 F7 which you can ignore as well.

In your screenshot, you can see 65 2E 53 39 31 37 2E 72 67 74, and this would be

e . S 9 1 7 . r g t

So that's the end of the file path. Once you know which bytes to change, you can just copy/paste that in for each message.

That indeed is too much work and looks like work around. Not many (including me) would know/want to do it this way.
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It would be nice if you can implement this edit, User Friendly way. 

Thanks in advance.
You can just go in and re-link the registrations and the messages will be updated. I don't know how many registrations you have or how long that would take, but I imagine it would take the same amount of time (or longer) to go in and edit the path for every command.

Uhhh... It will be alot lol, many of them. It just feels I have to do everything all over again  Sleepy
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This is so painfull .... 

Wonder if you may be able to simplify this for us, please - MS is already detecting paths for already Genos/Linked songs:

[Image: MobileSheetsCompanion_w3tT6jqOZb.png]

But if we want to edit others manually, it takes lots of time. 

I wish that linking works fine with WIDI, that would solve all this in the other way.

As this is related to my other thread about WIDI connection - I think it may be marked as solved (at least in my case, for now) - 
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