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Full Version: Unmerge annotated pages in a medley
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I combined charts from three tunes for a medley and annotated extensively. Now, I want to assign program change messages to each of the songs (I'm using MobileSheets to manage setlists and call up rackspaces/variations in GigPerformer). Is there a way to break apart the songs while preserving the annotations? I tried exporting an .msf file, hoping to re-import it and remove the pages from the other songs, but when I import it, it doesn't show up as another piece.
Hello Andy,

Just long press the song on the library screen, then tap "Copy Song" at the top of the screen. Rename the song, go to the files tab, and remove the unnecessary files (only keep the one you care about). Save the changes and load it. You should still see all of your annotations. Repeat this for the third tune. Let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Hi Mike,

Thanks, that worked perfectly! I'm not sure how I missed the Copy Song button before.