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Full Version: Win to Win
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I'm trying to connect 2 windows computers via the companion app.  Is that possible?  Is there a comprehensive manual, tutorial or anything that will get me off the ground using this app?  I find nothing intuitive about it.  
Why extract files from a backup? Why not reference the actual library?
How it initiate connection between to Windows computers?  Is it even possible?
There are a topn of other questions.  Help someone, anyone, please. Huh
It depends what you are trying to achieve. You can certainly run MobileSheets on one device and connect that to the companion app on the other device. You can then drag & drop PDFs into the companion app to create your songs. There are a series of tutorial videos here:

There is a video here on importing files:

You don't need to use the companion app for anything - just tap Import->Local File and select PDFs on the device, or tap Import->Dropbox to import files directly off Dropbox. Once you've created songs, you can click them to view the PDFs that are associated with the songs.