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Full Version: viewport mess
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Hi All
since several days all the charts of my library are displayed with the last system not shown as if the page height was higher than my viewport!
Manually scrolling up is not an option....:=)

I'm almost sure this is a User misconfiguration but I cannot find the setting where this was changed

Thanks for your help


ONYX MAX LUMI Android 10
MSP 3.8.19

A4 pdf's
Hey Claude,

this probably has to do with the display modes (one page, two page, half page and vertical scrolling, found as fourth item in the bottom left) and scaling modes (adjust to screen, to width, to height, original, found as fifth item in the bottom left). Try around which combination of settings fits best for you. You can also save these settings by song if you deactivate the box to use global settings in this song. I often have some songs I want differently because the size of the frame is different and I want to view it as much zoomed in as possible while still being able to turn pages at a good place.

Be aware that these settings are different in landscape and portrait mode of your tablet
It may be a bug - there is currently an issue where, if the keyboard is displayed when you tap to load a song, it reduces the height available for rendering the file and MobileSheets renders to that size. Then the keyboard is hidden bringing back the additional height but MobileSheets doesn't force the song to layout the pages again. I am releasing a fix for this today. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you close the virtual keyboard before loading the song, it should display just fine.

Found the solution
MB10 was right
I felt as a total newbie when I long pressed a song in the midle of the page and the 4 corners displayed their icons....
from there the solution was as described by MB10 (select Page scaling:Full Screen)

thanks to both of you

best regards