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Full Version: Bug report: Empty space over on-screen keyboard
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This is new behaviour with the latest version.

Whenever the on-screen keyboard shows upthere's empty white space above it of approximately the same height as the keyboard.

So the keyboard covers 25% of the screen at the bottom and the empty white space covers another 25% of the screen so only the top 50% of the screen shows what's supposed to be on it (song list or whatever).

This happens with both the Samsung default keyboard and the Hackers Keyboard.
There seems to be a fix for this available.
I just  installed it. No new app version no, still 3.8.19
Just go to the play store and install it.
I did push out a fix for that yesterday. It only occurs on newer devices (Android 12 or higher I believe, possibly Android 11 as well though).

My tablet is a Galaxy Tab S2 running Android 7.  (I just checked.)
You may still be encountering the issue with the latest update then. Would you be willing to test a new build for me? I had though that this problem was specific to newer devices because I didn't see it occur on any of my older devices. If you are seeing it on an Android 7 device, then it may just be device specific, so I'll need to change my code to use a different approach to determine whether I need to push the bottom of the application window up or not. To provide context, on older devices, when the keyboard is displayed, it's displayed on top of the application window. So I have to push everything up above the keyboard so that users can still get access to the bottom of the lists. On newer devices, I was seeing that the application window is actually shrunk down to account for the keyboard, so if my code also pushed the application window up, then it caused the issue you are currently encountering where part of the application window isn't visible. 

If you want to send it to me and tell me how to install it I'll give it a try.

Perhaps you could consider an approach where you check this out on the first run of the program.  I don't know enough about Android programming to know if this could be done but my suggestion would be to ask the device how big the screen is, open an application window, open the keyboard, and ask the device how big the application window is now.  Set a configuration variable based on the answer and that's it.

If you could somehow drive that automatically it would just pop up, pop down, the user will be none-the-wiser and you don't have to guess at the required behaviour.
I've sent you an email with a build. I'm fairly confident this will fix the issue, but I definitely want to confirm before releasing the update if possible.

That's got it.

Problem solved.
Excellent! Thanks for letting me know. I'll push out another build.