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Full Version: Mobile Sheets comparison to For Score
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Hi,  I am shopping for a music reader and would like to compare Mobile Sheets to For Score.  I know the latter is more expensive for both software and hardware but Mobile Sheets appeals to me because of Android.  Is Mobile Sheets buggier than For Score?  I will not be using more than the basic features of either software.  Any comments would be a big help.  Thanks.
Maybe have a look here:

If you are searching for Forscore the are a view topics even for the comparison of both. I just use MSP so i cant say which software is buggier but i am sure, if there are bugs in Mobile Sheets, Mike is faster to eliminate them then the developers of Forscore.
I also wrote up some comparisons when another user asked here:

There's also a thread by a former forscore user who jumped ship because forscore developers didn't react at all to critical bug reports (I think it's in a lengthy thread how to best convert forscore bookmarks to the MS pendants).

I've been using MS for years (on all three OS) and I can say that I encountered very few bugs. And Mike eliminates such bugs quicker than I've experienced anywhere else.
Download the trial version and find out, I think you will like it.
Thanks for all of the very helpful replies.  I am inclined to go with Mobile Sheets.  With its performing at least as well as ForScore, the cost advantage of Android hardware is a big factor.  Am I correct in thinking the after buying Mobile Sheets updates will be received as they come out?  Thanks for the suggestion of trying a trial version of Mobile Sheets.
Just leave your tablet on overnight and MS will update automatically.

If you perform, you might want to disable automatic updating (just in case an unexpected update causes an issue when you arrive at a performance). A manual update can be initiated, when convenient, using the Play Store app 

Alternatively, you can purchase the app through my FastSpring store which lets you get updates from my server directly. You can then choose when to install updates. The downside with the FastSpring version is that it uses a license key, so it's licensed for use on a single device per quantity purchased.

(12-04-2023, 02:32 AM)TBone Wrote: [ -> ].. Is Mobile Sheets buggier ...  I will not be using more than the basic features 

In fairness, a good while ago MS did, rarely, lose track of files. I haven't seen this happen - or been caught by any bug - for ages. MS feels, to me, pretty bug free and solid... And fast!