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Full Version: .mxl support for transposition
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I know it is a big ask! It would great to be able to import .mxl and have a very basic transpose function. Maybe someone should invent an advanced .pdf format that supports transposition...
This is a request which has come up before (also in the context of the request for ABC support) and Mike has already  put it on his todo list. But it's a major addition and I think it's quite down the list for now.

The more users request it the sooner Mike will attend to it. So good of you to bring it up "again".
It's on my list of things to do, but it will require a huge amount of changes. Unlike PDF which contains an image to render (making it fairly straightforward), a musicXML file just contains note information and the application has to then render all of the sheet music itself. This requires a lot of vector graphics and using music fonts to generate characters at all the right positions. It's a pretty large undertaking. Having said that, I think there may be some open source libraries that will help with this, and will reduce the burden at least somewhat, so that should accelerate the work once I'm able to focus on this.

Mike has announced that ABC support is coming soon. As soon as ABC is supported it will be an option to convert .MXL files to ABC. I would do that with MuseScore and the plugin ABCImpEx
If somebody knows other options, e.g. an ABC editor that can open .mxl and save it as ABC please let us know.

I also encourage you (and Mike) to look up the other ABC tools on Wim's page, especially the conversion scripts.

I still think Jef DeMoines abc2svg scripts in conjunction with Wim's tools would be a viable way to get ABC support to MS including the capacity to edit songs WYSIWYG (in ABC), easy transposition and MXML import and export with it.