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Full Version: Keyboard input speed
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I just discovered something interesting.

When I encountered that keyboard empty space issue I tried the Samsung default keyboard as well as the Hackers Keyboard to see if there was any difference.

Prior to now I never bothered to use the Samsung default keyboard; I installed the Hackers Keyboard as soon as I got the tablet and never looked at that default keyboard since.

I have a lot of entries in my ms database and have noticed that as the number of entries gets larger the speed of keyboard input slows down.  So searching for a song using the Hackers Keyboard is a question of click the letter, wait a second or two until it shows up, click the next letter and so on.

I never gave it much thought and wrote it off as an effect from having such a large database since the response is pretty much instant until you get over ten or twenty thousand entries and then it starts to drag.

But when I tested using the Samsung default keyboard there was less of a lag between entering characters on the keyboard than there is with the Hackers Keyboard.  A lot less.

So the takeaway here is that Hackers Keyboard is somehow less efficient than the Samsung default keyboard when you have a large ms database.