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Full Version: ChordPro visual problem
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I'm discovering using chordpro with mobile sheets, and i have some visual problem like this on the picture, ramdom space between chords, and some gap on the chorus

here is my code :

{artist: test artist}
{title: test title}
{key: C}
{time: 4/4}
{tempo: 120}
{capo: 2}

test text, Verse lyrics test, test test test
Verse lyrics, test, text, test
Lyrics verse test text test, test

Chorus lyrics test text
test text test text test text Chorus lyrics
test text test text test text test text Chorus lyrics

Thanks for the help !
It looks like the problem is that some of those lines aren't correctly indented inside the refrain section. I'll look into it and get it fixed.

I've got a fix in place for the next update.

Thanks Mike !
Hello Mike,

Found another problem, maybe I should open a new topic ?

I have " {time: 6/8} " on my chordpro file
the metadata is well add in the mobile sheep app, tempo indication 6/8, but when i start the metronome, it stay at 4/4, it's ok for the BPM but the metronome don't receive the information

Thanks !
The metronome isn't driven by that field unfortunately. The "Time signature" field is just a text field, meaning you can technically enter anything you want into it. This means that it wouldn't really work very well to try to apply that to the metronome which is limited in terms of what can be selected. 

Ok, thanks for the information and quick reply !