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Full Version: Importing from a networked NAS?
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I want to import 1TB of my PDF files from my networked QNAP NAS.  It appears that when I use MSP browse facility I can select either individual files or all files.  I cannot see a way to deselect certain file types, e.g. docx or mp3 without doing this for every file.  This is a problem as I have hundreds of files I do not want. Perhaps I am missing an import filter?
I doubt it.

A workaround I would use in your situation would be to make a hardlink copy of all your files on the NAS (providing you have a file OS like NTFS) on the same partition (it's quick and doesn't use additional space) into another directory and then delete all the unwanted files from the hardlinked directory. After "unselect by delete" you can import the complete dir again without the unwanted files.
You can also just import multiple times and filter on the file types you do want. For example, you can use Import->Batch Import, set the file filter to *.pdf, and import all the PDFs. Then you could do it again for *.jpg. If you want to get really complicated, that filter is actually a regular expression field, so you technically could do something like 


if you wanted to only import PDFs and JPG files.

Thanks Mike, '
l'll try that,