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Full Version: Newbie question, linking computers
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Hi, I'm brand new to mobile sheets. I have a desktop PC running Windows 11 (my main computer), but use my Surface (running Windows 10) to play at the piano. I've got Mobile Sheets installed on each. I've tried to link them, so I can sync the Surface (where I do most of my downloading) to my Surface, but haven't been successful. I've read the manual, but am not sure what to try next. Is the Mobile Sheets Companion App something different than the basic MS program? TIA for any help!
Yes, the companion app is completely separate from the main MobileSheets application and you won't really need it in this situation. To sync the libraries on each device you can use the "Sync Library" feature in MobileSheets. To access this, tap the three dots at the top right of the library screen and then tap Sync Library->Synchronize to a device. You can then connect the devices over WiFi and changes will be merged between the two devices. If possible, it's better to make changes on one device at a time and use a one-directional sync, but you can also perform a two-way sync if needed. This just doesn't currently handle deletions properly (things that are deleted on one tablet but still exist on the other will be recreated). You will set the first device as the server, the second as the client and then tap "Create Server" on the first device. You should see the first device show up on the second device. If so, tap it, then tap Connect and the sync will proceed. If it doesn't show up, tap "Direct Connect" and enter the IP address shown on the first device in the status section.

Thanks, and sorry the delay in seeing/responding to this. I'd checked the wrong box to be notified of replies.  It worked! I got my whole list synced from desktop to my surface. Thank you!

Another question: when I download music from some sites, I get a nice, readable page. From other sites, the page is almost too small to read comfortably. Is this just the way it is? Something I can tweak? Thanks again. Just learning my way around, but love what I can do with this program!
You'll have to crop the pages to increase the size in MobileSheets or switch display modes and/or page scaling modes to increase the page size. For example, vertical scrolling display mode in landscape orientation with page scaling set to "Fit Width" provides the largest page size possible.