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Full Version: redefining the set-lists
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when preparing for a future gig the setlist must be , there are  always a lot of questions
  • lenght of the set?  
  • 1 set 2sets?
  • in how many songs?
  • 2-or3 moments to talk with your audience?
  • énergie de la salle aujourdhui?
  • tonality/key of the songs
  • audio volume
  • tempis of the songs 
    meters of the songs (oh nooo not an other waltz]
  • encores
  • one sort of block-note to write down how good or bad the last gig went

mobile Sheets could help a lot. having a sort of small spread sheet (in the edit set-list window) where all those questions should, could be answered.

at the moment I couldnt know if all songs had tempo marking in the database.

have a nice holiday