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Full Version: In Book mode start with one page
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I'm working a lot in Book mode on two tablets. A normal pdf that is meant to be printed starts with a right page. In many pdf-readers it is possible to view in two page mode but start with one page, thus retaining the original spread.
I would like an option in MS which would enable me to select the first page to be a right page. In other words: to be able to start with a single page. It could also be accomplished by being able to insert a blank page at the beginning of the file.

Rein de Vries
You can insert a blank page at the start if you want. To start, either load the song, tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, tap the second icon at the bottom left and tap "Rearrange Pages", or edit the song, go to the Files tab and tap the page order field. You can then tap the three dots in the first thumbnail, tap "Insert Blank Page or Template" and select the blank page. Now you can drag and drop that to the front. Alternatively, you can add a blank page as a separate file on the Files tab and place it first in the list.

I do want to add an option when using the two page display mode to show a cover page, but this is going to require a lot of changes in the layout logic.