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Full Version: Scroll Speed to fast for slowest/slow
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I can hardly use the “scroll speed” function for my sheets.
I still find the scrolling speed for the “slowest” or “slow” preset to be much too fast for most of my sheets.
It would be nice if the speeds were lower at slow/slowest.
In most applications I therefore have to use the time-based setting “srolling in fixed time”.
It might be worth considering if you could set the scrolling speed as a percentage of a standard speed.
I plan to add support for a way to increase/decrease scroll speed dynamically. What I may do at some point is have an option for users to express the scroll speed as a "pixels per second" value, as that is what I really need. I prefer this over trying to support a percentage, because the standard speed is just a value I picked based on what seemed good with the scores I was testing with.