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Full Version: Metronome automatically to stop after X bars
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I'd like to ask for another feature concerning the metronome. Up to now, I only use it for practicing. But would like to be able to use it for rehearsals and on stage as well. Therefore, I'd need a setting to stop or fade out the metronome automatically after X bars. With or without extra count-in. The number of bars should be storable per song.

This request may rely on a specific setting: I'm a piano player in a big band. Usually, it's the drums who set the tempo. But there are songs where I start with an intro - without drums/perc playing, with or without other instruments/singer starting with me. Then, it's my job to set the tempo, and I'm not very good at keeping it. So, I'd like to play the intro with a click. The most simple method would be not to need to feed a beat machine into my monitor mix or use a dedicated metronome app on the same tablet and hurry to have my sheet music visible again. Sometimes, I need only 4 bars, sometimes it's around 16 bars etc.

I don't think there was a need to sync that metronome with other tablets (probably not possible very precisely) - usually, it's one instrument or a conductor who sets the tempo.

What do you think about that? Did you already have this request?

You can already use the count-in feature to have the metronome stop after a certain number of beats. Fading out would require a very different approach. How is what you are asking for different from the count-in feature that already exists that can be set per song? That will help me determine the need for this feature.