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Full Version: Companion doesn't delete files on tablet
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Hi Mike

Just used the companion to copy an updated PDF songbook (contains 200+ songs) onto the tablet.
Decided I would delete several older versions of the file but the companion just hung without deleting them (these books are added as single files i.e. the individual songs aren't indexed). I don't tend to annotate these books as I also have the songs as separate pdf files i.e. I only store the songbook in case I've forgotten to extract an individual song.
Repeated several times trying different things without success

Rebooted tablet and tried to delete a single older version of the songbook - just hangs

The tablet says "No files are missing from the library"

Checked I can delete one of the files from MS.
Tried one of the files again using the companion - took several seconds to delete (perhaps it hadn't hung before, just taking forever to delete the file)
Tried another delete and that was immediate! (I expected the delete time to be similar)

Sorry I keep giving you these strange problems!
Using  MS 3.8.26 and Companion 3.20
I do have an old backup if you want to try it.
Hello Geoff,

Please share a backup file with if possible. I've never seen anything like that, so my only hope of reproducing it is most likely to test with your backup file. 

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Forgot to say:
I was trying to remove older versions of MUJ Songbook.pdf

Unfortunately, I restored your library, connected the companion app to my Android tablet, deleted every MUJ Songbook song, saw no issues and the files were properly deleted on my device. So I'm not seeing a problem with the library you provided or the companion app. You can try uninstalling and restoring your own backup file to see if this gets things back into a good state. I'm not sure what else to recommend.

Thanks for trying Mike

Backed up the database and tried deleting a MUJ Songbook - instantateous (wouldn't you know it)

Uninstalled MS
Reinstalled it
Restored backup
Not obvious where the newly restored files are located (suspect internal tablet, was on the SD card)

Settings -storage-set the mobilesheets storage location
This shows a path, a folder and another icon.
I suspect that this icon is the SD card but the dialog does not give any indication of what the icons represent.
I chose the "other icon".
There is the path but it is not obvious what it is indicating (how is anyone to know that /storage/3166-3031/... means the SD card - assuming it does)
This isn't a criticism, just a suggestion that the dialog could be more explanatory.

The path specifies mobilesheetspro - I was expecting it to be mobilesheets (perhaps because the restore put it back in the folder name being used when the backup was taken?)

This is the first time I've attempted a restore so it's nice to know it works (perhaps speaking too soon?)

Many thanks Mike

The SD card tries to select the SD card path if one exists. This is not guaranteed to work and can differ based on OS version and device manufacturer. Selecting the SD card will toggle between any detected SD card paths and the default application path (so it also provides a way to go back to the default). Tapping the folder icon lets users browse for their own folder. When it comes to the folder path for an SD card, that is a complex topic. Sometimes MobileSheets can know what the path represents, but it's also not guaranteed (if you tap the SD card, it can guess that it might be an SD card path, or it could be a removable thumb drive, or an external USB hard drive). I wouldn't want to hide the folder path from the user, as it's important in some cases to know what the full path is, but perhaps I can try to add some kind of indicator that MobileSheets believes an SD card was picked (or some other kind of removable storage). In general, I don't really want most users messing with the storage location unless they know what they are doing because it just increases the amount of support requests I get from users who change settings without understanding them. That's partly because, as you said, there isn't a lot of information on the dialog itself, and partly because users change this setting without understanding the way the file system works on Android, which is based on Linux.