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Full Version: Moving Groups of Selections
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I (think) I've read the relevant bits of the manual for this but I'm coming up short.

Given I have a selected group of annotations; e.g., a guitar chord image composed of a stamped grid, stamped dots for fretted notes, and a fret number indicator on the left
When I want to move it to a distant part of the page
Then I can't move it naturally so I must resort to unintuitive workarounds (excessive nudging or cut-and-paste)

I should be able to select multiple elements (possible), and then drag them to the desired location.

Bonus points for the ability to group multiple annotations into an atomic unit, as available in illustration/diagramming tools. (I don't think MobileSheets supports grouping, outside of layer workarounds.)

Here's what it looks like when attempting to move a composite selection in an intuitive (to me) way:

My goal is to add support for grouping annotations so that they will all be considered a single annotation from the perspective of certain operations like moving, resizing, etc. This will be the approach in the future for moving multiple annotations at once (group them with a toggle, move, then ungroup if deisred). For the time being, the only option is to use the nudge tool.

Got it. Thanks, Mike.