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Full Version: List of Key functions for USB Pedal ?
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I've got a scythe pedal (triple) which is programmable. Now I wonder if there is a list availiable that shows the assignment from key tigger signals to functions which can be triggered within Mobilesheets. Thisway I could figure out the optimal setup for my needs

Anyone an idea? Dodgy

In the current version, MobileSheets accepts left arrow/right arrow, up arrow/down arrow, or page up/page down commands. Can you map the Scythe pedal presses to one of those pairs?

Thanks for your reply Mike

Left arrow/right arrow, up arrow/down arrow, or page up/page down commands should be possible with his pedal and I got it to flip pages back and forward now. But I've 1pedal "left" ;-)

Can you tell what actions are mapped in Mobilesheets with the accepted commands? Do those pairs trigger the same or different commands (e.g. next/previous page, scroll up/down, goto top/end page, next/previous song or whatever)?


I believe you find that in 'settings'-'pedal settings', or something like that.

I guess I got it now

There's no direct link between trigger signal and actions (similar as shortcuts do) which I assumed.

Regardles which pair of the discussed commands are used to trigger Mobilesheets it works just in the way which is choosen in the Bluetooth Pedal setting. No Problem, just good to understand.

Nevertheless I found a solution for the third Pedal. I could set it as left mouse button so it activates or deactivates the overlay. That works

In the current version of MobileSheets, left arrow/up arrow/page up perform the previous action, right arrow/down arrow/page down perform the next action. As Skip suggested, what those actions are depends upon your pedal settings.

In the next version of MobileSheets, I'm allowing a lot of different commands to be tied to pedal presses (up to four pedals). That means you could start/stop the audio player with one pedal, jump to the next song with another, etc.

Hi Mike

Jumping to the next song would be great!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing the next Version