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Full Version: How to edit annotation text low on the page (covered by keyboard)
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I know there must be a work around for this and sometimes out of nowhere it works but for years I've had this problem. Android tablet and I'm using a Flexi keyboard which is fairly large. Often I need to edit text that gets covered when the keyboard pops up. If I'm adding new text in that area, the page shifts up out of the way, but I can't get it to do that for editing existing blocks of text.
It should behave the exact same way whether editing an existing annotation or creating a new one. Are you saying that if you tap at the bottom of the page, and enter text ("aaa" for example), then tap away, then tap that annotation again to edit it, the page doesn't shift up the second time? This seems to work just fine on my Samsung Tab S4.

Well it did just now. Hold this one please and let me see how it works in real time in the future. Hope it was just my brain! Thanks!